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City of Watertown Transit Half Fare Program

City of Watertown Transit Half Fare Program--50% Discount on Fixed Route Services

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The City of Watertown Transitís Half-Fare Program is a federally mandated program designed to provide reduced fares on fixed route services for seniors, people with disabilities or Medicare cardholders in compliance with the Federal Transit Administrationís half-fare requirements (Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49, Subtitle B, Chapter VI, Part 609).

The designation of Half-Fare is the name assigned to a category of customers who are eligible to receive a 50% discount of the cash fare upon boarding fixed route services and/or all current  discounted price rates on 10 and 20 farecards as well as the 30-day unlimited farecard.  

If you are a senior, disabled or Medicare card holder you can enjoy greater traveling freedom at one-half of the regular one-way fare when traveling on the CitiBus Fixed Route System.

Who can use the Program?

Special Reduced rates are available for senior citizens (65 years of age or older), persons with disabilities and Medicare card holders.


    Seniors or Persons with Disabilities means those individuals who, by reason of illness, injury, age, congenital malfunction, or other permanent or temporary incapacity or disability, including those who are non-ambulatory wheelchair-bound and those with semi-ambulatory capabilities, are unable without special facilities or special planning or design to utilize mass transportation facilities and services as effectively as persons who are not so affected.

    Medicare Cardholders means those individuals who have been issued a Medicare card, regardless of age and disability  

    Who is not eligible?  People whose sole incapacity is pregnancy, obesity, acute or chronic alcoholism or drug addiction, or have a contagious disease. Financial need is NOT a consideration


Where is the reduced fare in effect?

You can only ride on the CitiBus Fixed Route Transit System at the reduced rate.  Paratransit and demand response services are not included in this program.

When is the reduced fare in effect?

Seniors (65 and over), Disabled & Medicare card holders may take advantage of the reduced fare during all hours of the CitiBus Fixed Route operations.

How to ride for less?

In order to receive the Half-Fare discounts when using CitiBusí services, individuals must show proof of eligibility as detailed below. While only persons with disabilities are required to obtain a CitiBus Half-Fare Photo ID in order to receive the half fare discounts, for ease in boarding, all eligible individuals wishing to receive the Half-Fare discounts are encouraged (but not required) to obtain an CitiBus Half-Fare ID.


Required Proof of Eligibility When Boarding

 1. Seniors (Age 65 and older)

    a    State issued driverís license showing qualifying age, or
    b    State issued non-driverís ID card showing qualifying age, or
    c    Medicare card with a matching photo ID, or
    d    CitiBus Half-Fare ID

 2.  Medicare Cardholders

    a    Medicare card with a matching photo ID, or
    b    CitiBus Half-Fare ID

Persons with Disabilities

    a    CitiBus Half-Fare ID


Accepted forms of Photo Identification

    State-issued driver's license or non-driver ID, or
    Valid (non-expired) passport, or
    Current Employee ID


Passengers with disabilities simply show your valid CitiBus Transit Reduced Fare Identification Card or Medicare card to the bus operator and present the appropriate fare.  Senior citizens and Medicare card holders may be asked to present additional proof of identify (i.e. another card with photo id).


How to apply for a City of Watertown Transit Reduced Fare Identification Card

Senior citizens and people with disabilities who don't have a Medicare card may obtain a reduced fare ID card as follows:



Ask your bus driver, a limited number of application forms are available on each bus for immediate distribution upon request.  You can also visit the City of Watertown Transit Facility located at 544 Newell Street or download the application.  Once you have completed your application simply return the completed form, in person, to the City of Watertown Transitís office located at:

City Hall
Department of Public Works, Suite 206
245 Washington Street
Watertown, NY  13601

Application Process:

There are two parts to the certification process

Part 1 - Applicant Information

All applicants are required to submit a completed Part 1 Ė Application Information form.  If you are 65 years or over and/or if you have a Medicare card issued by the Social Security Administration then this form and an accepted (as previously identified) Photo Identification is all that you need to obtain your City of Watertown Transit Half-Fare Identification Card.

Be sure to complete the ENTIRE application.  Incomplete applications will be returned.  Print clearly in ink and return the original application, in person, along with the required documentation to City of Watertown Transit office located at City Hall, Department of Public Works, Suite 206, 245 Washington Street, Watertown, NY. 

Copies and faxes are not accepted.

Part 2 - Health Care Professional Verification

This form is required in addition to the Part 1 Ė Application Information form if you are disabled, and under the age of 65 and/or do not have a Medicare card issued by the Social Security Administration. 

You must take your complete application to your health care professional for their verification.  You must ask them to complete Part 2 Ė Health Care Professional Verification form stating that the information within this application is true and correct and that you are eligible for City of Watertown Transit Half-Fare service based upon your meeting the Federal Transit Administrationís eligibility criteria.

Once Parts 1 and 2 are completed bring them, in person, to the City Hall along with a current photo ID for further processing.  In most instances we should be able to review and certify your application and issue your City of Watertown Reduced Fare photo ID at the time of your visit.  If there are problems or insufficient documentation then we will let you know what corrective actions are required. 

You may also obtain an application by writing or calling the Transit Supervisor at (315) 785-7772 or The Department of Public Works at (315) 785-7770 and we will be happy to send you the complete program packet.

Eligible applicants will need to have their photograph taken at City Hall, 245 Washington Street, Watertown, NY to receive their ID card.