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Tree Planting

Each year, the City’s DPW crews complete an annual tree planting project, planting 80 – 100 trees each year. Trees are planted at various sites throughout the City including recently reconstructed streets, within parks and in front of individual property owner’s homes

Trees can be planted within the City right-of-way if space allows or just behind the sidewalk.

The Details:

  • Trees selected for planting are chosen based upon the available growing space and soil conditions typically found within the City
  • Underground utilities like water and sewer lines will be located prior to the planting and will be avoided during the planting process
  • Some trees will be planted underneath power lines. These trees will be small maturing trees that will not interfere with the power lines when they are full-grown
  • Tree planting is completed by the City of Watertown Department of Public Works
  • There will be no cost for the new tree, the City just asks for assistance with watering during the spring and summer. Water is key to the survival of the tree in the first few years after planting
  • A street tree care sheet is sent out after the planting which will explain everything you can do to help the tree survive

Mike Lumbis


City Hall
245 Washington St., Rm. 204
Watertown, NY 13601

Ph: (315) 785-7734
Fx: (315) 782-9014

Sep 1 - May 31
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday

Jun 1 - Aug 31
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Monday - Friday

Why Plant Trees?

  • Trees will reduce energy costs in the summer by providing shade, and will reduce heating costs by blocking cold winter winds
  • Trees help to clean the air by filtering pollution and they produce oxygen that we breathe
  • Trees can also increase property values, attract wildlife, and reduce noise from traffic
  • Planting trees throughout our community will make our neighborhoods better places to live in, both today and tomorrow
  • Property owners can contact us for more information on the City’s tree planting program or to request that a tree be planted in front of their property

DPW Plants Trees