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Tree Pruning

Each spring, the City conducts a small tree pruning program aimed at training recently planted trees for proper form and structure. During February, March and early April, DPW employees prune 750 – 1000 small to medium sized trees at a targeted location in the City. For the purposes of the pruning program, the City is broken down into three sections, the North, West and East sides of the City. One section of the City is pruned each year, meaning that all trees are pruned on a three year rotating basis.

Prior to trimming, the DPW crew participates in a tree pruning course aimed at teaching the crew proper pruning techniques and tree pruning concepts.

If you have a concern about broken tree limbs, tree limbs interfering with the sidewalk, road, signs, etc. or have general questions about the program, please contact us. For safety reasons and to ensure that proper pruning cuts are made, please do not attempt to prune City owned street trees on your own. Please contact us for specific concerns or for more information on the City’s tree pruning program

DPW Tree Pruning