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Flower Library Building

Flower Memorial Library

229 Washington St, Watertown NY 13601
ph: (315) 785-7705      fax: (315) 788-2584

Flower memorial Library
Flower memorial Library

At each side of the front doors and on the front steps, bronze lamps were placed and two marble lions that guard the entrance

Flower memorial Library

In 1909 one of the lions had one of the canine teeth on his lower jaw broken.  A new tooth was ordered and put in place,  After the tooth was installed and smoothed off, the lion's head was swathed in bandages until the cement could harden.

In 1982 one of the lions lost his tail.  The tail had been injured in 1925 by a falling tree.  The tail fell off in 1982 when a 12 yr old boy leaned against the lion and the tail fell off and broke into several pieces. 

The two marble lions  outisde the New York Public Library are named Patience and Fortitude.  Our lions have not been named yet.

Flower memorial Library

A marble fence was put up in front of the library and a marble walk leads to the front doors.