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Roof Garden: the Pergola
 In times past, there was a roof added on the 'Stack Room'  -  the stack room being on the first floor. 

An excerpt taken from AN ILLUSTRATED SOUVENIR OF THE ROSWELL P FLOWER MEMORIAL LIBRARY, issued by Hungerford-Holbrook, 1979:

"That nothing might be wanting for the comfort and pleasure of the visitors, Mr Lamb has added on the roof of the Stack Room a pleasant summer garden, shaded by a pergola and fitted with fountains, vines and bay trees, supporting columns and the necessary seats, tables etc.  In short, here is not only a library but also a People's Palace combining all the advantages of a well appointed mansion set apart for the citizens' use, preserving their historical records, completing their facilities for study, for relaxation and for keeping alive their civic pride."

rooftop garden

These old pictures below show the stackroom on which this rooftop open-air garden used to sit.  The top one is on the main floor and the bottom one is from the basement

stackroom..main floor