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Marietta Holley Room

Marietta Holley
(Josiah Allen's Wife)

Marietta Holley was born in her family home situated along Rt 11 bewteen Adams NY and Pierrepont Manor NY on July 16, 1836.  She was the daughter of John Milton Holley and Mary Taber who settled here around 1820.  She is buried in Pierrepont Manor NY

She wrote under the name of Josiah Allen's Wife and sold over 10 million books.  She was called the 'female Mark Twain' because her fictiional characters depicted everyday people and life in the 19th century.  She was also an advocate of women's rights. Some of her works include: My Opinion and Betsey Bobbet's, Samantha At Saratoga, Samantha Among The Brethren, Samantha On The Woman Question to name a few.  For more information on Marietta Holley,  visit websites such as :                

There are many sites as well...or why not come to the Library and take out a book!

Marietta Holley

This portrait of Marietta Holley was done by Theodore Rice.  The painting was commissioned by her in 1885 and donated to the library by Marietta Holley prior to her death in 1926

Marietta Holley's furniture

The Flower table was donated by Charles Dunham in 1974 and shows Roswell Flower and his family.

Marietta Holley's furniture

Mrs Taylor's friends commissioned Ella Conde Lamb to paint Mrs Taylor's portrai which hangs in the back wall.

Marietta Holley's Furniture

Even the wallpaper in this room is unique.  It is a copy of the background of the Unicorn Tapestries exhibited at the Cloisters in NYC