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Mural Arts Program


In 2004, the City of Watertown was awarded a grant to start a mural arts program. A portion of this grant was used to have the City of Philadelphia's Mural Program Director come and talk to residents and the City about starting a mural program. In 2007, the City in conjunction with the oversight committee for the mural arts grant requested artists to submit ideas for the logo for the mural arts program. (The winning entry is shown at the left).

Also in 2007, the Watertown Urban Mission volunteered the side of their building on Factory Street and undertook the task of refurbishing the wall and painting it red, as requested by the muralist. In the summer of 2008, Ms. Mary Ellen Kalil Shevalier completed the mural on the side of the Urban Mission. A picture of the dedication can be seen below.

Finished Mural 2.JPG