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Community Profile

DPW working on the streetsWatertown High SchoolWatertown Fire Department
Date of Incorporation 1869
Form of Government Council-Manager
Current Populations Estimate (2000 Census) 26,705
Population Density (per acre) 4.5

Land Area (square miles)

Unemployment Rate (county) March 2009 8.7%
Total Real Property Values (2008)


Median Household Income (2000) $28,429
Building/Maintenance Permits Issued (2008)

696 Permits - $12,560,814 value

Miles of Street 100
Number of Acres of Parks and Playgrounds 574
Number of Streetlights 2,639
Public Utilities (number of accounts)

Water 8,206

Bond Rating (General Obligation Bonds) Moody's Investor Services A3
Number of Employees 369