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Waterfront Revitalization Plan
Michael A. Lumbis,
Planning and Community Development Coordinator
245 Washington St.
Suite 302
Watertown, NY  13601

Ph: (315) 785-7734
Fx: (315) 785-7829

8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Monday - Friday

The City of Watertown is engaged in a planning initiative that will lead to the development of a Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan for the Black River. The revitalization plan will guide coordinated efforts by the City, State, and private interests to manage this important resource in a manner that protects its environmental integrity and maximizes its contribution to the City’s quality of life and economic vitality. City residents have participated in community planning workshops that have drawn on local knowledge and understanding of the City and Black River to develop and document a vision that will guide planning along the Black River.

Beginning in 2003 with multiple community visioning workshops, the LWRP is currently in a preliminary draft form available for review. In 2009, the City of Watertown will undertake a revision of the zoning laws in order to bring it in compliance with the goals and objectives of the LWRP. Once the zoning revision plan is completed, it will be inserted into the draft LWRP and sent to state agencies for review. With state approval, the City Council will adopt the LWRP as the guiding plan for revitalization of the riverfront area.

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The City has not been inactive while waiting for the LWRP to be completed. In 2006 two Economic Studies and a Whitewater Study were completed. In addition, the City has undertaken multiple projects that were identified as being a high priority in the LWRP. The first project, the north shore access to the Route 3 wave was completed in August 2007. Improvements to the, Bicentennial Park and several other smaller parks were completed in 2008. In 2009, work at the Hole Brothers access area will be completed. In addition, the improvements to the J B Wise Parking Lot Downtown will go to construction in 2009, along with the next phase of improvements for Bicentennial Park and Marble Street Park. Electronic copies of any of the following studies are available by contacting the Planning Department.

1. Local Waterfront Revitalization Program

    a. 2010 Draft LWRP

    b. Maps

    c. Perspectives and plan views

    d. 2006 Public Presentation

    e. Proposed Uses

    f.  Sewell's Island EPA Application

    g. Sewall's Island Remedial Investigation, Interim Remedial Measure and Alternative Analysis Report

2.  Whitewater Study

    a. Whitewater and Trail Feasibility Study

3. Economic Development

    a. Economic & Market Condition Analysis

    b. Fiscal Impact Study
4. Black River Soil Erosion

    a.  Erosion Management Plan For the Black River Corridor

To request a copy of any of the studies, please contact Ken Mix