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Near East Side Neighborhood Improvement District

NESNID was created during a seminar on Community Policing held at the Jefferson Community College. There have been many efforts to get creative housing improvement strategies adopted in the City of Watertown. However it has been difficult to get new ideas adopted on a city wide basis.

The Near East Side is an older neighborhood with a high percentage of aged and deteriorated housing stock. It has a clearly delineated boundary and encompasses block groups that provide census data and demographics that meet program guidelines.

The NESNID concept is to rally the residents and business owners in this target area to request adoption of these initiatives in their neighborhood. If successful, then the initiatives may be adoptable city wide.

Neighbors Of Watertown, Inc. is also preparing a $4 million dollar neighborhood revitalization package centered around the Historic Emerson Place row houses which lie in the center of NESNID.

The Governor's office selected Watertown to receive a $25,000 grant to prepare a strategic plan for this neighborhood in preparation for a comprehensive CDBG application to follow. This will support and expand on the Emerson Place Redevelopment project. Avalon Associates was retained by the City to write this and the CDBG application with assistance from Neighbors Of Watertown, Inc.

The contract to write the Strategic Plan was awarded to Beehan Associates. The time frame to prepare this plan is June through November 2002. The first plan meeting was held at the Marcy conference room June 6th.

The Community Studies Program of Jefferson Community College is providing the students to do a field survey of the housing conditions in the NESNID area and to compile the data collected.

A group of business owners and residents have come together with the aid of Neighbors Of Watertown, Inc. to lend support and a neighborhood link to the City on this effort. Meeting notices and minutes will be posted here on this site as the group formalizes.