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Beginning a career in the Watertown Police Department

Welcome to the Watertown Police Department!


Our Selection Process For Employment:

The selection process is job-related and competitive in nature and is designed to determine the candidate's potential for successful performance as a police officer.

The complete selection process consists of:

  1. Written examination
  2. Physical agility test
  3. Background investigation
  4. Interview board
  5. Medical examination
  6. Psychological evaluation

All candidates MUST:

  • have a high school diploma or equivalency diploma

  • be at least twenty (20) years old and not have reached their thirty-fifth (35th) birthday. There is an extension for military service. Call civil service (315-785-7733) for information

  • possess a valid NYS driver's license

  • be able to work shifts (overnight, holiday & weekend)

  • comply with WPD policy which requires all members to present a neat and professional appearance at all times. No beards, tattoos, brands, body piercing or other body art shall be visible while a member is in uniform or other business attire. The uniform includes a short sleeve shirt with open neck (top button) in front.


Other considerations:

  • Candidates with a history of perpetuating violence (to include elder abuse, child assault, sexual attack, stalking or domestic violence) or who have been named as a respondent in an order of protection will be screened out at this point in the hiring process

  • A felony conviction automatically disqualifies a candidate

Candidates who do not meet and pass the above listed criteria will not be considered for employment with the Watertown NY Police Department