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Street Tree Program
Michael J. DeMarco,

245 Washington St.
Watertown, NY  13601

Ph: (315) 785-7884

9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday

The City of Watertown’s Street Tree Program involves the annual planting, maintenance and removal of City street and park trees. The Street Tree Program is administered by the City Planning Office whose Planner, Michael J. DeMarco, serves as the urban forestry coordinator. Mr. DeMarco develops the annual tree planting program, applies for and administers grants, oversees tree maintenance and removal and integrates tree planting and other landscaping into proposed City projects. The City Department of Public Works Buildings and Grounds Crew is responsible for completing the annual planting project, tree pruning, maintenance and removal of trees.

Since 1997, the City’s DPW crews have completed an annual tree planting project, planting 80 – 100 trees each year. Trees are planted at various sites throughout the City.

The City also teams up with the Watertown Noon Rotary Club for its annual tree planting program in which approximately 50 bare root trees are planted per year. The Rotary Club has been planting trees in the community since 1976 and partnered with the City on this project in 1994. The DPW crew prepares planting holes for the Rotary, whose members volunteer to plant the trees at various locations. Costs for the trees are paid for by the City and through a grant from the Rotary Club.

Each year, during the late winter and early spring, the DPW crew also completes an annual tree pruning program. The project is aimed at training young trees for proper structure and form.

Throughout the year, the DPW crew prunes and removes trees on an as needed basis throughout the City. Please click on each of the tabs in this section for more information on any of these programs.