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Permit Types

Permits available are:


A signature authorization  from the property owner may be required for obtaining permits.

Building Permits

for new construction (building, garage, deck, shed)
Fee is based on cost of project.

Original Building Permits are completed at the Code Enforcement office.

Maintenance & Repair Permits

No fee for single or 2 family home; There are different schedules of fees for commercial and multi-family homes.

Original Maintenance/Repair Permits are completed at the Code Enforcement office.

Sign Permits

$75 fee for Business; $10 for Home-Based Business

Fence Permits

No fee; drawing required on the permit form


Plumbing Permits

No fee. This form is typically included under a building or maintenance/repair permit.

Plumbing work in the City of Watertown can be done by the owner of the property or through a City of Watertown Licensed Master Plumber. 

List of Electrical Inspection Firms

List of Licensed Plumbers

Heating Permits

No fee. One of the few forms done after the fact to insure proper installation was done. Furnace installs are handled by fire department's inspector and Water heater installs fall under the responsibility of the Code Enforcement Officer.

Download the Heating Permit

Gas & Oil Storage Permits

No Fee. Fire Department handles these permits.

Solid Fuel Permits

No Fee.

Explosives Permits No fee. (Fire department issues these for Blasting, Fireworks, Powder)